If you obtained directions using MapQuest, you will find the directions bring you to the intersection of Trowbridge and Harrison Roads. As you approach this intersection, you will notice a brand new entrance to the Michigan State University campus marked with a large stone and brick sign. This new entrance is an extension of Trowbridge road which does not appear on the current MapQuest map.

Continue to drive east along the new Trowbridge road extension crossing Harrison Road and entering onto campus. You will pass a small campus information kiosk on your left. You will pass a parking ramp (garage) on your right and the road name changes from Trowbridge to Red Cedar Road as you are now heading north.

Continue north on Red Cedar Road and go Halfway around the traffic circle on Wilson Road. You will stay on Red Cedar Road heading north. Next you will see two traffic lights at the intersection with Shaw Lane. Cross Shaw Lane and you will see Spartan Stadium on your left as you begin to curve towards the left along Red Cedar Road. On your left hand side you will see a public parking lot with a ticket booth. Pull into this parking lot and park. Please note that you will need to park in the visitor's parking lot on weekdays between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm or you risk being ticketed if you park elsewhere on campus.

To locate the Garden with respect to the parking lot go to the smaller map of Beal Botanical Garden's position on campus. (Smaller Map)